So who are we

Handy Grab LTD was a crazy idea once. So Who are we?

I had a plan to leave my job one day and open a Grab Hire business. I set up late into the 2016 season but don’t let this put you off! We have proven to provide one of the only Five star rated Grab Hire Services in Merseyside.

I also find the best local place for professional responsible waste disposal. Even recycling large percentages of your earth waste!

Grab hire is becoming the most cost effective alternative to skips. My Grab Wagon can hold approximately TWO large skips and costs similar to one large building skip.

Check out our Local customer ratings here on We have many more reviews on other platforms Like Facebook and Google but I think you will get a good idea of just how happy our customers are from just one site.

Work out just how much money your business can save by switching to a reliable Grab Hire service.

Contact us today with your requirements.

So who are we


This was my Scribble / Doodle on my phone. Little did I know that our friends at In Hand Design  would be able to make us such a powerful LOGO that will stick with us forever!

So who are we? Now you know

Grab Hire – Who Are We